Nintendo just put out official artwork for the first post-launch Splatoon 3 Splatfest

Nintendo just put out official artwork for the first post-launch Splatoon 3 Splatfest

Gear, Grub, or Fun

Nintendo has provided official artwork commemorating the first post-launch Splatfest on the games Japanese Twitter account. Despite the fact that rock/paper/scissors was technically the first pre-launch Splatfest, the upcoming event this weekend will be the first major event for the game, combined with the recent patch that addresses some pre-launch concerns.

Shiver is definitely on team gear, posing with the shovel and the lantern in the marquee image for the Splatfest. Frye is on team grub, with a host of sweets and a piece of pizza on hand. Big Man is making the Nintendo Switch, clearly indicating fun in a clever synergistic marketing technique.

When does the gear, grub, and fun Splatfest begin?

The exact start time for the next Splatfest is September 23 at 8PM eastern. It will run until September 25, ending at 8PM ET.

Oftentimes, you will get a chance to choose between the three factions, and you will play Turf War battles in an attempt to represent the faction with an overarching point system. Halfway through the event, a leader will be highlighted, who must defend their title in periodic 4v2v2 Tricolor battles. Changing the rate of Tricolor Battle occurrence has been adjusted, but they will cause some less frequently than previously.

This is not the final word on Splatfests, as Nintendo is planning to make several additional adjustments at a later date. For the time being, there will be a number of players choosing Tricolor Battle, but being placed in a Turf War battle instead. Splatfest-matchmaking specifications will continue to be altered, and this issue will be resolved. This year, we will implement these adjustments in the coming season starting in December.

This temporary reorganization should hopefully result in a smoother weekend!

Splatoon (@SplatoonJP) September 21, 2022

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