DRM checks for Xbox One games have been removed from Xbox Series X

DRM checks for Xbox One games have been removed from Xbox Series X

Backwards Compatibility now an offline affair

Microsoft has quietly changed the structure of its shiny Xbox Series X hardware to now allow the playing of Xbox One games without the need for a DRM check.

The new feature, which is included in the consoles 2206 Update, will allow Xbox Series users to play their Xbox One games in an offline mode. Previously, the console would always do a brief online handshake to ensure that the Xbox One game in question was an authentic, licensed title and not a copied disc. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series S was unaware of the need to perform this additional step.

Eden Marie, an Xbox engineer and a well-known person, has confirmed the update on Twitter.

Yes, since the 2206 update, wrote Marie. We examined data since Series X/S launch, and determined that an online compatibility check isnt required in the vast majority of Xbox One discs. Some games may still need to be updated online after the installation to ensure the best experience.

While this is quite a different situation, one cannot help but recall the PR disaster that occurred before the Xbox One consoles release, where Microsoft stated that an online connection was a requirement for the playing of Xbox One games, to ensure that the player had already purchased a license for each and every title. Although this would eventually be true, there is no denying whatsoever that the initial statement was a Sword of Damocles, and that it significantly contributed to Xbox hardware sales going down at the start of the eighth generation.

The 2206 Update is now available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation platforms.

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