Season 2 of The Cycle Frontier is now available on September 28

Season 2 of The Cycle Frontier is now available on September 28

As we arrived at the end of the second season in, here''s what we learned from the previous string of events. We are just eight days away from the program''s release, so it''s time to brush our teeth and prepare for the festivities. The Old and the opening of the new season will be concluded with a event called the Could it be a Fortnite-style event?

The developer provided some basic information about the future map called Tharis Island, which detailed that Korolev was the first person to discover it. Tharis Island will likely include fresh creatures and unforgiving wildlife, as well as their sinister actions that abound.

As we prepare to Season 2 and the launch of our new map, Tharis Island, there''s more concept art on hand!

The Cycle: Frontier (@TheCycleGame) December 17, 2022

What''s coming to a second season of The Cycle Frontier?

Tharis Island Details

Tharis Island is intended to be the most challenging and powerful map in the game. The map has first been discovered years before the Cycle, with Korolev being the first faction to discover it. This means that the quests over there would likely be from the Korolev faction rather than others.

Similar to the other two maps, the map is rich in new creatures, including alien artifacts and a labyrinthy cave system that humans barely even reached. 30 years later, prospectors will finally discover the hidden secrets behind the Tharis underbelly.

Tharis Island places a lot of emphasis on interior spaces, light and darkness, and vile and mysterious activity hidden deep within its depths. Walking blindly or without bringing the necessary equipment might be life-ending for each prospector.

The mysterious activity on Tharis Island will be linked to perks, which will likely be attainable upon performing some kind of operation. This would distort the armor and ammunition values, and as the developers say, they will no longer have the same meaning or purpose as previously. However, the perks that were mentioned may be permanent and glued to the gear upon extraction. In this way, imbibers would feel more special.

The Tharis Island will be unlocked by progressing through the existing campaigns, but there will be new successive quests related to the new map that will require players to dive deeper and uncover its underground tunnels. Main campaigns will be reworked slightly with new types and conditions rather than tedious tasks.

The Cycle Frontier has adopted the phrase Battle Pass. Season 2 will now have new features, gameplay rewards, and improved balance progression.

Season 2 will allow players to restart their connection with the server without losing their gear due to network failure or disconnection. Disconnections and crashes will no longer be feared, and players will no longer need to worry about the losses.

Despite the ongoing conflict and never-ending confrontation with the cheaters, the anti-cheat measures are expected to be improved. After the major season patch, cheating should be more difficult, annoying, and costly as per the developer.

The Cycle Frontier will introduce a ping restriction that will prevent players from entering their locations outside of their region. This in-general should provide a much smoother gameplay experience for everyone, but minimize the desync to a minimum. This is expected to be launched shortly after Season 2.

Sorting items or showing stack sizes in the shop should not be lengthy, as this is also highlighted among the list of changes scheduled for Season 2. Bookmarking and tracking recipes, bulk buying gear from the shops, and other additional improvements are also planned.

Season 2 will be slightly different. Each armor tier will be based on its grade, and the developer has sufficiently tuned the armor, which makes it more comfortable wearing it. In this way, low-geared players may find it difficult to overcome encounters with high-tech players, but it will all come down to skill.

The following are some of the features that will be added in the upcoming seasons outside of Season 2.

  • Tactical gear built for specific playstyles.
  • The Howler, a flying mini-boss that roams Fortuna III.
  • Sci-fi guns.
  • New maps that showcase wilder parts of Fortuna III.
  • Further PvE enemies and dungeons.
  • Clan systems.
  • and more.

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