Season 2 Rewards for Battlefield 2042 have been revealed

Season 2 Rewards for Battlefield 2042 have been revealed

Battlefield 2042 is getting a much better game, as well as a slew of content and rewards from the developer. As we all know, BF2042 is in Season 2 and offers plenty of surprises, including new weekly missions and Battle Pass rewards.

It''s been a while since getting here, and it''s evident how EA Dice is pleased to be working on their first-person gem. Instead, the developer does not have plans to quint on Battlefield 2042, but is also planning to go all in and polish the game so that players may return to it.

Season 2, Week 4, of Battlefield 2042 is set to air in the Weekly Radar.

Weekly Missions

Experiences with Battle Pass are included.

What is the Weekly Radar?

The Battlefield 2042 Weekly Radar is about keeping track of weekly missions, community events, and recognitions that you can earn within a particular week in Battlefield 2042. Each week well be adding a new thread within the Community Forums, and the Community Team will it sharing it on the web so you remain up to date on things you can expect to do.

Wann will you post it?

When the majority of these changes take place within the game, you may expect the Weekly Radar to be published every Tuesday or Thursday at 12 UTC!

Is it possible to be a participant in the Weekly Radar?

While they are still early, we will be talking to regular groups that host Community events to see if we can assist them within the Weekly Radar. Also, be mindful of some of your creations and preferences!

Is there any way to go until the last weeks of weekly missions?

Yes, absolutely. Every week, we will introduce a new set of Weekly Missions, but these will last for the entire season, and you may make them at your own pace! Bonus Missions are unique to a specific week.

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