Season 2 of Chocobo is coming to the FFVIII Balamb Garden Track and 3,000 Free Mythril

Season 2 of Chocobo is coming to the FFVIII Balamb Garden Track and 3,000 Free Mythril

In season 2, major changes are expected, with Square Enix releasing some early patch notes before the May 31, 2022 update. Along with new characters, characters and Magicite will be added to the game. People will also receive 3,800 free Mythril.

Square Enix announced that new characters and tracks would be displayed regularly. There are no courses yet, and Balamb Garden will be the first. This comes after Squall appeared in-game as a season 1 racer could purchase with earned cash.

The way the shops work and their contents are changing following the May 31, 2022 update. Characters and Prize Level rewards will be sold in the Ticket Shop, even beyond their current season. The Prize Pass will only feature gil after level 21. The Gil Shop will only sell customization items in the future. These will include new character colors.

The free Mythril is being withdrawn for two reasons. The 3,000 Mythril is an apology gift for Team Sticker issues. The remaining 800 will be a celebratory bonus. It is designed to commemorate season 2 in.

Square Enix has released the full version 1.1.0 update patch notes.

2. The Lite edition''s mirrored versions of tracks will now be available in multiplayer, time attack, and custom race modes. 4. From Season 2, the whole set of tracks will be selected, including Gilgamesh Maduin, who has completed her feat. 4. The Demon Series can now be used in multiplayer mode. 5. Some character abilities have been changed. 11. Improvements to issues where characters were caught on some tracks. 12.

1. Premium Prize passes, Level-Up Tickets, and Team Stickers will be removed from the sale. 1. The size of scores obtained from the game will now be listed as prize level rewards, as a result of the addition of heroin to the prize level rewards. 4. Mythril will now be on sale in the Gil Shop for the following seasons and beyond. 4. The amount of scores received will be reduced to gil, but all items will be removed from the store until the end of the season.

During Season 1, there were a number of issues that led to Team Stickers falling, which caused huge inconvenience for players. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Team Stickers will no longer be on sale at the shop from Season 2 onwards, and will be obtained as prize level rewards instead. Bonus: 3000 mythril Availability Period: From the start to finish of Season 2 (Can only be claimed once)

In a paid and a free lite version, the Nintendo Switch can be purchased.

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