Sunbreak Seregios Armor Shown in Monster Hunter Rise

Sunbreak Seregios Armor Shown in Monster Hunter Rise

There''s a new video showing the Seregios armor, which was this time confirmed. The monster''s appearance in games was confirmed in the beginning of May 2022. The equipment should be quite familiar. They look much like they did in and.

The Seregios armor video will focus on the male hunter Blademaster version of the armor. Then, the female Blademaster version will be shown. After that, a Palamute gets Seregios equipment. Finally, the video will focus on the Palico version of the armor.

With Seregios'' #Sunbreak gear, you can become as sharp as a thousand blades!

Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) will be available on January 24, 2022.

Capcoms has been sharing quite a few videos of armor sets in the run-up to this Seregios reveal. For example, it showed off the Garangolm and Lunagaron suits first. Finally, it showed off the Blood Orange Bishaten and Shogun Ceanataur equipment.

The companies have also been concerned about weapon changes coming into the expansion. People can see videos demonstrating the various things like the Sword & Shield, Switch Axe, Gunlance, Bow, and long sword.

The Nintendo Switch and PC will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022.

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