Dawn Of The Z-Legends: SS Goku SPR in Dragon Ball Super

Dawn Of The Z-Legends: SS Goku SPR in Dragon Ball Super

Bandai''s long-running block has been complete with a series of promotional cards, starter decks, and a complete expansion. The set, titled (with its full name being ) is the eighteenth main set, and the set is the first to include Zenkai Cards, otherwise known as Z-Cards. This set and its associated decks and promos, according to Bandai, will offer a look at some of the most fascinating cards from a collector''s perspective. Today,

This SS Son Goku, Another World Blitz can be seen as thematically connecting to the two Paikuhan (or Pikkon) special rares from yesterday''s spotlight on. This shows Goku''s side of this same climatic battle during the Other World Tournament, where Goku faced off. This Super Saiyan transformation was saved for this moment, with the animators even going so far as to edit and re-color a previous Super Saiyan transformation in an earlier set. This is

Due to Goku''s more spectacular appearance, this card is easily one of the best SPRs of the set.

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