Jon Hurwitz and Star Robyn Lively Discuss Jessica's Return on Cobra Kai 5

Jon Hurwitz and Star Robyn Lively Discuss Jessica's Return on Cobra Kai 5

According to Netflix''s Tudum, one of the most anticipated returns was Sean Kanan''s Mike Barnes. Creators Josh Heald, Hayden Schlossberg, and Jon Hurwitz were among the most well-known performers from 1989. Like Robyn Lively''s Jessica Andrews, Daniel LaRusso, a friend of Robyn Lively, Terrified by a dojo run by Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) and John Kreese (Martin Kove). Hurwitz and

"Being a legacy character is such an thrill," Lively said of how Jessica became involved in the ''Kanji Kid III'' series before embarking on a family together and putting it in a different dimension. "It''s so rewarding for me," she said. "It''s so remarkable that everyone in the ''Cobra Kai'' fandom has always said so-and-so," Hurwitz said. "It''s unlikely that we would be grounded."

Daniel and Cobra Kai have a relationship that has gone mainstream throughout the martial arts turf war. One thing is how it affects Amanda and poisons their relationships over time throughout the series. Sharing time with Jessica for a girls'' night out to fix some things. "It gets to the point where Terry has kind of driven [Daniel] crazy enough to make him look like a crazy person in front of Amanda," Hurwitz said. "What better character to give Amanda some insight on what Daniel actually went through back in the day

Jessica uses her own personal experience from the events of to improve Amanda and Daniel''s friendship. "Hey, there''s this kind of guy that I know," Hurwitz said of the set''s experience. "I just thought it was such a full circle moment and so satisfying," said Lively. While we''re talking about it, here''s a look at Lively''s journey down memory lane from.

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