Black Adam Adds A Sumerian Pantheon Of Gods to DC Comics (Spoilers)

Black Adam Adds A Sumerian Pantheon Of Gods to DC Comics (Spoilers)

In #1, we met Malik White. In future DC Comics solicitations, Descendent of Teth-Adam intends to be "youthful successor" to Black Adam wearing a white version of his classic suit, and to be known as Thunderbolt or Bolt, even if Teth-Adam prefers "White Adam." And then Malik White discussed the fact that in today''s #4, the police of the DC universe appear to see him as a Black Adam.

"For those of you who don''t know that Shazam chose Aman to have the Shazam power, and then Teth-Adam to give him the power," says Christopher Priest of Black Adam #4. In today''s Black Adam, Malik gets to meet them all.

I mean that''s what I call patriarchy. And a new pantheon for DC Comics, which focuses on Sumerian and Mesopotamian gods, Ninurta is a god of agriculture, Enki is the god of Babylon, Nergal is the god of war and death, Anu is the king of the gods and father of the sky, Ashur is the deified god of the city Assur and head of the pantheon, and Belit is basically her god

Is it possible that they will have a permanent role in the DC Comics pantheon?

BLACK ADAM #4 CVR A IRVIN RODRIGUEZ Christopher Priest (A) Rafa Sandoval (CA) Irvin Rodriguez THERE IS NO REDEMPTION FOR BLACK ADAM. Thousands of years ago, did Black Adam inadvertently create a powerful race who''ve modeled themselves after the Akkadian Hightower, and given a cryptic message? Similarly, Adam has dispatched Etrigan the Demon, an unlikely friend, to either train

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