In Q1 2023, USC: Counterforce will be available on PC

In Q1 2023, USC: Counterforce will be available on PC

Firesquid Games and Angry Cat Studios have released their latest game today, which will run on PC in Q1 2023. This will take you back to late ''90s/early ''00s tactical squad shooter titles, as you''ll be putting your team into difficult sci-fi situations, which you''ll need to clear in some of the most precise ways possible without losing a team member.

Players must lead their marines through challenging missions in multiple games, including an endless replayability of the finished game.

Players can use terrain and building layouts to maximize their defensive or offensive positions, combined with environmental hazards, buildable barricades, and walls that can be destroyed. The tactical possibilities for attacking or retreating from combat positions are vast. With alien enemies also able to execute similar tactics, builds on its depths to create a unique, atmospheric experience.

  • Create your ultimate squad to face every situation thanks to our unique class-free skill and progression system; hundreds of weapons & gadgets are available to suit your playstyle
  • Outsmart aliens in epic fights taking impactful tactical decisions, triggering combos and environmental interactions of all kinds;
  • Access to massive content at launch: USC:CF offers huge replayability through a fully randomized Campaign, customizable missions, multiple game modes, and local co-op using Steam''''s Remote Play Together
  • Experience a genuine space/alien horror fantasy; explore and fight through abandoned bases and mining facilities in a dark, tight, deadly environment, where dangers lurk about in every corneryou must be ready for anything! Head cameras on every marine bring the terror even closer to you!
  • Discover the truth behind the demise of colony MC83-A, and protect Humankind from an ancient alien threat.

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