Grant Gustin's "Last First Time" Putting on Suit for Season

Grant Gustin's "Last First Time" Putting on Suit for Season

Before filming on the ninth and final seasons of The CW''s, we checked in withGrant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabakera, each giving their initial thoughts on the long-running Arrowverse series coming to an end. But now, Gustin is taking a look back at the trailer, wearing the Flash suit, and then revealing, for the first time, the significance of the image: "You''re probably feeling a slight delay before your "feels"

After an "incredible nearly ten years" with the series, Gustin shared a video for the fans on Instagram stating that the finish line approaching was "bittersweet." From there, he expressed his gratitude and gratitude to everyone who helped guide him through the process, and said, "Let''s do one more run together." Gustin also stated that in the video, though, the fans and the team have so many things to say:

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When the Season 8 premiere of The Flash (Gustin) came through, Wallace revealed in previous interviews that the series'' initial production was beginning as a series-ender, but that changes would be made once the renewal notice came through. ''You were like,'' said showrunner and EP Eric Wallace, who has written the process for the first time. ''You can then kill him for now and worry about that later,'' says the author. Here''s a look at what happened for the then-assumed

"We had to modify the entire final scene three times," says Barry and Iris, who discussed how they planned to have kids soon. It was a bit more sexier, and it was a lot more romantic of a scene. I really liked it."

"We would have done an additional scene with all of Team Flash getting their goodbyes on. "But when we discovered we had a bigger season to play with, that meant, "Ooh, I can tease next year''s Big Bad?" So that final scene [with the blue crystal] changed drastically, and the ''Goodbye to Team Flash'' group party scene was completely deleted."

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