The Director of the 1998 Godzilla Film, The Original Director, Discusses Differences

The Director of the 1998 Godzilla Film, The Original Director, Discusses Differences

The legendary Japanese property''s 1998 Hollywood adaptation is still a polarizing film, for the most part being the first to go dramatically different in its appearance, production style, origin story, and more. Over time, the film received attention, and developed a cult following to a degree, although the film we know might have played out with some significant differences.

The filmmaker and director of the US adaptation, Jan de Bont () were hired during the very early pre-production stages of the film, which was described to "discard the character''s atomic origin and replaced it with one wherein Godzilla is a unique art created by Atlantians to protect humanity against a shape-shifting extraterrestrial monster called The Gryphon." Later on, the director and director of the film discussed a lot of different aspects of his film.

De Bont gives an explanation to the publication that "I really wanted to make wanted it so badly." I like how it was developed in Japan. It was so remarkable. The movements, and he realized it was possible. He said he was losing two pounds every minute because it was 125lbs and it was rubber he said he couldn''t do one take at a time."

"We had a really good script," the writer said of the filmmaker adding that "anyone loved it." I said that the reason they walked away is because they said that their budget was lower than Roland Emmerich. I said that it is impossible because they''re going to use the same effects people as I do, and they''ll charge exactly the same amount of money. Because the guy was wearing the suit, the motions were very different to what a dinosaur would do, and that was very attractive to me."

Despite being a different perspective once in a while, the timeless franchise has seemingly found the ideal format for western audiences (via Toho and Legendary Pictures).

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