Ole Guacamole, a board game, will be released on October 19th

Ole Guacamole, a board game, will be released on October 19th

The company has announced that it will be releasing their next board game, which will be released next month. This is a brand new memory and mental challenge title that will see how good a wordsmith you are, as you will then be able to create a random letter on the table, while also picking a word connected to the last one. The game will begin on October 19th at their online store and other retailers, priced at $13.

Take turns saying a word that does not include any of the letters on the table and is related to the previous word! It gets difficult, because we add a letter to each turn! Each turn, the active player selects a card showing a letter and places it on the table next to the previous ones. It takes the following 12 seconds to notice a word thematically linked to the one that has already been drawn. If they fail, they will take all of the cards drawn so far and the next player starts over.

  • Simple Rules: Players can devour the easy-to-learn rules and start playing in just one minute!
  • Spicy Gameplay: Ole cards spice up gameplay with direction changes, targeted players, and skipped turns.
  • Word Association: Word game fans wil lcrave this unique letter-elimination and word-association challenge.

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