Two Tracks From Shudder's Raven's Hollow From BC Exclusive

Two Tracks From Shudder's Raven's Hollow From BC Exclusive

This week, a new film on Shudder is based on a horror narrative about a young Edgar Allan Poe. Jack Moseley plays Edgar Allan Poe alongside Melanie Zanetti, Rachel Hayman, Edwin Hayman, and Oliver Adjepong. This is one of the handful Shudder originals that will be released in the next few weeks. It also features a score from composer Robert Ellis-Geiger. Both tracks from the score will be released below, as well as the trailer for the film.

Raven''''s Hollow Synopsis

Melanie Zanetti, Kate Dickie, David Hayman, Oberon K. A. Adjepong, and Callum Woodhouse star in "Raven''s Hollow," a supernatural thriller based on Edgar Allan Poe''s dismal departure from The Military Academy at West Point.

"It''s necessary to emphasize the sense of a strange netherworld that Raven''s Hollow exists in, combined with pagan traditions and outer world cosmic dark forces," Robert says. Months before the shooting, I began sketching musical ideas based on the script, which he later called "The Monster Theme." When director Christopher Hatton first heard it, he said, and he was immediately transported in his story to the reveal of the Raven. This musical sketch, however, was never altered, and this one came

On Shudder, this one looks fantastic! You can check it out starting this Thursday, September 22nd. You may hear Robert Ellis-Geigerthe score in the same day.

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