Eric Powell Returns Funnybooks from The Goon and Albatross to Dark Horse

Eric Powell Returns Funnybooks from The Goon and Albatross to Dark Horse

I thought it was funny that there was no inclusion in the new Diamond Comic Distributors Previews for Albatross Funnybooks. It''s like Dark Horse Comics will follow Star Wars and Stan Sakai''s, and it''s the whole Albatross Funnybooks line.

The Goon, a pulpy crime thriller, was originally published in a prototypical form in 1995 from Out of the Cellar Comics, but debuted in name and appearance as in 1998, and three issues of a series that followed from Avatar Press (Bleeding Cool''s own publishers). In 2019, Eric Powell''s Albatross Funnybooks began publishing a new ongoing series, and now the line and the books are all back at Dark Horse. Here''s the PR release.

Eric Powell, the Eisner Award-winning author, has added The Goon, Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? And more to Dark Horse''s new Albatross Funnybooks imprint. Additional titles including Hillbilly and Big Man Plans will be included in the imprint, as well as Brendon Small''s Galaktikon and Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar.

The Goon, who wins the Eisner- and International Horror Guild award, is returning to Dark Horse after a film in the theater. Powell has also brought new titles to the imprint. The first new project to be released under Albatross at Dark Horse will be an original graphic novel directed by Powell and the famous true crime writer Harold Schechterthe team who directed Did You Hear What Eddie Gein? The author of the book will be published in 2023.

"I couldn''t be happier to be back to Dark Horse and bringing Albatross over as an imprint," Powell said. "This partnership will allow me to focus more on what I want to be doing, including writing books. I''m very interested in what the future holds, and the new opportunities to be found."

According to Dark Horse president Mike Richardson, "Eric and The Goon are old friends of Dark Horse." "Bringing The Goon here with his Albatross imprint feels like a homecoming for everyone. Eric is one of the franchise''s finest artists, and we can''t wait to show you what he''s been cooking up.

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