Starting This Wednesday, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is set to air on Crunchyroll

Starting This Wednesday, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is set to air on Crunchyroll

The hit prequel film of the massively popular anime series, is now available on Crunchyroll on Wednesday, September 21st. Follow Yuta Okkotsu, a nerd high school student who takes over from the curse of his childhood friend, Satoru Gojo. The film is inspired by (JUMP COMICS / Shueisha), a prequel manga from Gege Akutami''s sci-fi thriller.

As the offficial breakdown for the last chapter, here''s how it works.

Rika Orimoto was murdered in a traffic accident just before the eyes of her close friend, Yuta Okkotsu.

"It''s a promise. When we both grow up, we''ll get married."

After suffering under her curse, Rika became an appearance, and Yuta sought his own death.

Satoru Gojo, the greatest Jujutsu sorcerer, has welcomed him to Jujutsu High.

Yuta meets his classmates, Maki Zen''in, Toge Inumaki, and Panda, all of whom is found guilty.

"I want the assurance to say it''s okay that I''m alive!"

"While I''m at Jujutsu High, I''ll break Rika-chan''s curse."

Suguru Geto, the vile curse user who was relegated from the school for trespassing ordinary people, appears before Yuta and the others.

"This coming December 24th, we will be holding out the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons."

Despite Geto''s desire to create a world for only jujutsu sorcerers, he unleashes a tens of thousands curses upon Shinjuku and Kyoto to exterminate all non-sorcerers.

Is Yuta able to stop Geto before the end?

What will happen to breaking Rika''s curse?

Sunghoo Park is animated by MAPPA and is directed by him. The run time is 105 minutes.

The anime series was based on the best-selling manga of the same name, serialized in Shueisha''s Weekly Shonen Jump, and has sold over 60 million copies in Japan. VIZ Media has given the series Anime of the Year in 2021.

Crunchyroll is streaming.

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