Planet Hip-Hop Collab has a Spotify Partner & Roblox

Planet Hip-Hop Collab has a Spotify Partner & Roblox

Spotify has collaborated with to give players a unique experience inside the game as you will be able to enter Planet-Hip-Hop. This will be a completely unique experience in which you and others will be able to interact on a different genre of music and enjoy some incredible tunes as they hand-picked by the service to be enjoyed on their island. Here''s Spotify''s review of what they have done with the place.

Planet Hip-Hop, a futuristic space dedicated to hip-hop, will be available to all participants on Spotify Island and K-Park. Aside from that, you''ll be able to enjoy the music while exploring the island''s low-gravity climate and discover a number of different easter eggs hidden throughout the portal. Players will also be able to park their own own hip-hop experiences via our snack bar. You may also customize your own car to drive around the globe.

Fans who desire to connect with Doechii can head over to Doechii''s Swamp in the near future. Inspired by her Florida roots, players are first greeted by the mysterious swampy moss, flooded floors, and vines as they enter the experience. We chose hip-hop as our second genre focus on Spotify Island for its dedicated fan following and unique set of elements that reach far beyond music, including fashion, beauty, and more.

On Spotify''s latest blog, you can get more information on the entire creation and experience. This is where Planet Hip-Hop is officially open this morning.

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