A Final Judgment For Captain America (Judgment Day Spoilers)

A Final Judgment For Captain America (Judgment Day Spoilers)

Three comic books from Marvel''s current Avengers/X-Men/Eternals crossover events are on the market today. Avengers and Fantastic Four have tie-in issues that, ironically, fade away from the major cosmic battle issues of recent months. While #5 increases it more than ever.

In Avengers #60, the Progenitor Celestial God appears to Hawkeye to judge him in the form of his ex-girlfriend. But then again, don''t they all? A bit Hawkeye has missed that everyone in the world is being judged. While in Fantastic Four #47, Mister Fantastic has gone away to have a good idea. And, as the rest of the Fantastic Four are then under assault, does have one worthwhile thought,

Doing his greatest Secret Wars Hulk impression? Yes, as long as the Celestials were not to destroy humanity, would they have done it already?

In terms of morality, comparing Hawkeye to mailbox might be beneficial. However, everyone else seems to be acting as if they are not being judged by a huge Celestial God. Perhaps Hawkeye is so obamaped that he can''t see it.

Captain America gives the Celestial the Big Speech, which is always well known for on Judgment Day.

While Hawkeye gets a look at all of this, it''s still possible to focus on Celestial motivation.

What can be done if Captain America gets his audience?

Okay, so that''s not great.

Cyclops isn''t the only one who''s head is expanding, but Spider-Man is about to be killed by a spider-migraine of a Spider-Sense. And that''s Ms Marvel down, and the Thing just crumbles apart.

While the 1% of the 1% cannot run away from this judgment. The Celestial is, for whatever reason, a stickler for fairness.

RATED T In Shops: Sep 21, 2022 SRP: $3.99

MOMOKO VAR MARVEL COMICS JUL220762 (W) Kieron Gillen (A) Valerio Schiti (CA) Peach Momoko It''s too late? In shops: Sep 21, 2022 SRP: $4.99

JUDGMENT DAY TIE-IN: The Avengers'' ace archer is back! As Judgment Day approaches, Hawkeye must demonstrate that he brings at least as much joy and utility to the world as a randomly chosen mailbox, which, admittedly, is a relatively high bar. SRP: $3.99

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