Bungie has sparked excitement among Warlocks in Destiny2

Bungie has sparked excitement among Warlocks in Destiny2

The release date for Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted has already been revealed, including a wide variety of new weapons, an explorable Leviathan, and a new dungeon on Friday May 27. Despite the solar 3.0 redesign, the community, especially Warlock players, was amazed by their newfound finger snap melee ability.

During a burning through waves of enemies, each class performs a variety of new or improved solar abilities. We only see the finger snap for a moment, cremating a pack of bundled up enemies, but that''s all it took to ignite an explosion of posts, discussions, and, of course, jokes on the Destiny 2 subreddit.

The flashy finger guns in this new melee ability were the first to catch the eye of the community, as a particularly clever and somewhat magical way of exposing enemies alight. Several Japanese media immediately highlighted a direct comparison to a certain alchemist, while others compared the maneuver to the Bioshock franchise, as well as our favourite big purple dad Thanos.

Others took their skills to photoshop or their brushes to create humorous portrayals of Warlocks without even seeing them crashing in their way. It''s a mental toll that appears to have sparked interest among Warlock players, irrespective of the recent Guardian Games results.

We must be careful not to re-acclimate these 3.0 reworks. This year, Void received a lot of love, but it made all of the other vanilla damage types feel a bit faded. Heres to Arc 3.0, as in the past playing an arc character is especially rough in comparison to the less shinier and moe exciting options.

Check out our list of the major additions to Season of the Haunted, as well as our reports on the community of Xur hostage takers that have been scattered to the wind since recent changes.

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