Doctor Who "Son" Ty Tennant Has A Targaryen in House of the Dragon!

Doctor Who "Son" Ty Tennant Has A Targaryen in House of the Dragon!

Ty Tennant would play Aegon Targaryen, an heir to the throne of Westeros in the second half of the first season. Many wags are making a huge profit from this because Ty is the son of former Doctor David Tennant and former Doctor''s daughter (both literally and fictionally, for she is the real-life daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison). Georgia Tennant is the son of former doctors David Tennant and his wife, Anne, who was born in 1977

Matt Smith, a former EleventhDoctor, has gone from a Doctor to a Targaryen. Smith''s Prince Daemon is an extreme troll-ish villain, a ruthless f-boi who can''t get it up, and plenty of fun to watch for that. Nevertheless, if the Doctor ever arrived on Westeros, the Timelord would likely find the place so depressing that it would destroy the entire conflict.

As the series continues to wrap up, Aegon will have a long day on, navigating the Targaryen civil war between heirs to the throne Rhaeneryas (whose older version will be played by Olivia Cooke) and Aegon with the help of his mother Queen Regent Alicent Hightower (whose older version will be played by Emma D''arcy) and Ser Cristin Cole (Fabien Frankel). Shenanigans ensue, as the Targar

"This is how you tell this story correctly. We''re planning a generational war. We believe everyone will be aware of this concept by the time the first sword stroke falls, and there''s a lot of dragon deaths. That''s the true story of "Disney": "Every happy family is unique," says the showrunner. Jon Snow (Kit Harrington, of course) is now the last living Targaryen. At least he does not have anyone left to commit incest.

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