Solid Start Hits All The Right Notes in Quantum Leap S01E01 Review

Solid Start Hits All The Right Notes in Quantum Leap S01E01 Review

The performances of and have something in common in that they more heavily depend on ensemble casts than their respective primary stars. The main issue is that Mac''s (Lucas Till) abilities felt less like they did before the premiere of "July 13, 1985," which allows the program''s main protagonists, Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) and his guide, Addison Augustine, to maintain the sense of the show at its core. The following contains minor spoilers.

Ben gets a mysterious text and goes into the quantum leap accelerator. When he comes to, he realizes that Nick (Dax Campbell), a getaway driver, has come to the conclusion that he has only identified or heard the hologram before making an announcement.

Ben acclimates himself to 1985 with as many nods to the era as possible (from Live Aid poster to Walkmans), we discover that he is suffering from amnesia while trying to figure out who Nick is. But Addison, which includes the characters'' visual elements, does not perform as Dean Stockwell''s Adm. Al Calavicci during the original series (with its uncanny sound effects and rocky remote nature).

Both Al and Sam are mentioned, but there is still a surprising twist. Deborah Pratt, who serves as an executive producer for the new series, is back as Ziggy and narrator''s focus; Nanrisa Lee, the fatherly figurehead, does a great job in the show. Ernie Hudson, the latter three, finds the narrative somewhat too much to the present day, taking away some time for invaluable exposition.

Given the diversity of today''s viewing audiences, I''m hoping that more time is spent on figuring out Ben & Addison as well as Ben''s legacy. Lee is extremely well equipped to carry the torch that Bakula gave him while having fun as the series lead, demonstrating charm, problem-solving skills, and improvisation. It''s not perfect, but it''s a strong start for NBC, which can be both wildly unpredictable.

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