The present Edge Of Spider-Verse has a melodic arrangement for it's spinstress

The present Edge Of Spider-Verse has a melodic arrangement for it's spinstress

Irene Sankoff and David Hein are the producers of the Broadway/West End musical comics From Away, and David Hein is also writing today''s story, looking at a Spider-Man sequel from a different scientific group, which is basically a Disney Princess. With a knack for forming a song.

David Hein has tweeted.

"It''s a pleasure to share what my Spinstress comic ends up using! @Marvel requested a Disney Princess version of @SpiderMan, so obviously she had to sing! Produced by @zackzadek and featuring a real-life Princess (Jasmine in Aladdin) @ArielleJacobs on vocals!"

Yes, they did it. Read and listen...

"Also featuring amazing Disney-inspired artwork by @LucianoVecchio & stunning colors by @ReberVision & spectacular cover art by Helen Chen!" Huge thanks to @nick_lowe_ & @DanSlott, creators of other #EdgeoftheSpiderVerse stories & Spider-Man that you should check out!

"It''s possible to see Edge of the Spider-Verse #4 (featuring many other fantastic stories by @MizTeeFranklin @DanSlott @BlumJordan) this Saturday in your local comic shop or here.

Ah, and you get a little bonus unsung and unspun reprise later.

All of that, and a Spider-Man who is also a car, you''ll know that a Spider-Mobile can speak, think, and push up walls.

Is there a crossover between Disney Spider-Man and Cars?

SPIDER-MOBILE: THE FIRST SPIDER-SPIDER IN THE BEACH BELOW THERE IN THE NEWS! Dan Slott, Various (A) Nathan Stockman, and Various (CA) Josemaria Casanovas SPIDER-MOBILE! The Amazing Sun-Spider who made the SPIDER-VERSE miniseries in 2020 as a winner of our Spidersona contest is bringing her in for a landing! In shops: Sep 21, 2022 SRP

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