The BBC and BBCA release "The Power of The Doctor" key art

The BBC and BBCA release "The Power of The Doctor" key art

The BBC has officially confirmed "The Power of The Doctor" today. You know, the last special for current Doctor Jodie Whittaker & showrunner Chris Chibnall before Russell T Davies'' upcoming 60th-anniversary specials and then new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa''s () time to shine with Series 14. The title was originally confirmed in (which you can purchase here), and now we have new key art for the formal announcement, according to the BBC.

Here''s a look back at the original teaser:

"There aren''t much words to describe how I''m feeling," Gatwa said of his casting as the 14th Doctor. "It''s so rewarding to see so many people around the world, including myself, and being able to work with him is a real pleasure." "I will always try my best to make sure everyone is patient, especially when it comes to acting."

In the same day, Davies said, "The future is here, and it''s Ncuti!" Sometimes talent walks through the door, and it''s so bright and bold and brilliant, I just stand back in the face of your lucky brother. "I have an incredible dynamism, and he''s a powerful, caring young actor who will take on extraordinary adventures under the shadow of Russell T Davies."

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