Rob Liefeld's WhatNot Cover: Don Simpson Has A Few Things To Say

Rob Liefeld's WhatNot Cover: Don Simpson Has A Few Things To Say

On the 5th of October, Rob Liefeld wore an upcoming variant cover of his, which he wrote to the WhatNot app. It''s based on his cover to #98 more than thirty years ago.

The cover of the Asylum comic from Maximum Press was going viral, and it caught Don Simpson''s attention, who once drew comics and at Image Comics, and now sees Megaton Man run in the comic, revealing the hand that he once fed him decades ago. He wrote on Facebook;

Don Simpson: Folks, the American comic book is officially dead. This is the worst POS I''ve ever seen in my life.

Among the over 400 posts that have been added, he added a few remarks.

I''ve seen a lot of bad art, student art, and so on. However, what is conceptually difficult to process is this is somehow "professional." Yikes. The playground argument is always, "You''re just jealous!" I''m very jealous I wish I had drawn this drawing!

I ducked my head into Rob''s cubbyhole with his drawing board, and everything, even if you don''t know what you saw, I''ll tell you something. Especially when what I''m looking at doesn''t even count on a perceptual level.

I''m a worthless hack and a never-was (it''s too kind to name me a has-been); I honestly have no respect for my artistic and professional superiors, and you''re correct. I completely blew it! I''m pretty sure this may be the single most horrific image of Spider-Man ever drawn by a so-called professional artist, let alone published by Marvel Comics. (How crazy is that?)

A few back and forths were also on the rise.

Dan Fraga: It''s a great cover. Comics are fantastic. Not dead.

Dan Simpson, Don Simpson

Dan Fraga: I appreciate your point of view on this as I''ve felt similar with certain aspects of music these days. That said, comics are part of Pop. This is pure pop. I can appreciate it on that level. Sidebar: If I''ve not yet, I thank you for taking me to my first Primanti''''s.

Dan Simpson: Many times, you''re mulling me! My notion of pure pop would be a 70s Archie comic (which exhibited superior draftsmanship to most things in this century, anyway)

Dan Fraga: I know. I''m just that is being a pop artist. It''s all subjective.

Brad Linder: If you like him or not, you may be smart enough to grow the hell up while you sit down and discover all of them. But, make sure you keep up with your own shortcomings and make sure you don''t look too bad for them. Stop mingling about everyone else''s successes you dislike and flaws you don''t like, and keep doing whatever you can. Stop bitching and do the workimagine if you don''t want to be successful.

J.M. Hunter: I''m not like punching down in artists anymore, but Don still has it. When I think of parodying Super Heroes, it''s usually Don''s work that comes to mind. He''s always admirable, and would love to learn from him! My wife and I finally got to meet him at Gem City!

Don Simpson: I''ve had everything to do with my work being published on Image, but Rob, very little, even under Maximum Press. I''ll start whining like a baby, and start brainstorming, along with expanding my literature, but keep an eye on it as a compliment! Despite that, I''ll stop whining like a baby, and stop engaging in research, especially with my intellectual heritage. Depending on if I don''t, you can always unfriend me or, you know, do

Don Simpson: I don''t consider punching down. Rob will probably earn more from this drawing than I will all year (not from Marvel, knowing their stingy rates, but certainly from selling the original). More power to him, nice work if you can get, etc. But, please follow us on Twitter.

Jason Quinones: Let''s help the unobtrusive, unappreciated, and gifted AF (yet humble) cartoonist who self published his own book with his own money (sans any beg for spare change kickstarter nonsense).OR you all may continue to ridicule the multi-millionaire who can''t draw for shit and does not care what you think because he continues to get paid for crap work. Anyone? LINK

Scott''s A. Story: I am wary when artists break down each other. It appears petty and unprofessional. Comic art is subjective, to a degree, but you cannot deny that Rob was an influential figure in the film, but his abilities were great in his appearance. Today we virtually deify Jack Kirby, and his appearances were well stylized, but his anatomy and perspective were highly stylized. It''s a shame that I am not writing this to fool you. This is my honest opinion.

Despite its wide range of applications, it spreads to the social media.

Mel Smith: This is the worst piece of shit cover I''ve ever seen so far. I am afraid to think what he got paid to cast his own piece of shit prior work.He''s mistakenly assumed he received $1,700.00. I''d terminate that editor.

Don Simpson had time to reflect on his progress.

Don Simpson: I never thought how this would transform into a referendum on my completely meaningless career and purposeless life! This has really been an opportunity for a reality check a turning point in my downward spiral into obsessive success! Although I still can''t get over how bad that Liefeld Spidey drawing is, let alone that someone would bother to color it and publish it)

Rob Liefeld''s response? After negative feedback, he deleted his original promotional message but is now selling the original artwork right here for $10,000. Perhaps, just maybe, the fuss will make the WhatNot variant over whatever this is a lot of selling this the 5th of October. Maybe they can put an acetate cover on top.

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