Evolution confirms the 2-Episode Thanksgiving Day Premiere in Criminal Minds

Evolution confirms the 2-Episode Thanksgiving Day Premiere in Criminal Minds

Following the premiere of today''s Television Critics Association (TCA) press event, viewers will have another reason to celebrate Thanksgiving this year (or just that it''s Thursday if you don''t celebrate it). Following the premiere, Joe Mantegna,Adam Rodriguez, Aisha Tyler, Paget Brewster, and Zach Gilford will air its first two episodes on Thursday, January 24th. After a break, the season will resume on Thursday, January 12, with all-new episodes ending weekly until the midseason finale on

In order to provide viewers with an up-to-speed performance, the cast and producer, Erica Messer reveals how some missing familiar faces like Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Jason Gideon will be addressed. But the first note, Mantegna and Brewster provide a brief overview of where David Rossi and Emily Prentiss are born when the series returns (along with their three-word teaser for what fans can expect.

"We''re going to discover that Rossi was one of the people who headed the BAU back with Gideon [Mandy Patinkin], because of what has happened in the past few years, and the fact that there has been this time off, and things have changed, not just in the BAU, but with the world that there''s a lot of drama. It''s going to be apparent," Mantegna said. "We''re going to find that Rossi came in under strange circumstances, in the sense

Emily is feeling the pressure of "trying to protect everybody in the BAU" Brewster says: "[Emily is] attempting to go to bat with the FBI director to ensure the program is successful, but she is being sacked constantly because of budget cuts. So she''s confronted with a real problem: "How can she do it?"

Characters who couldn''t return for Revival have the same thing on their desks. They haven''t gone away, so shemar''s character went away when he was 15 years old. He stepped away from the FBI, so his desk was still empty, and he wasn''t allowed to. So we want a connection to Dr. Reed and Matt Simmons, who work on another assignment, which isn''t really going anywhere. It''s dependent on their schedules. I''m not sure whether or

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