Five Extremely Unfair Title Matches for AEW Grand Slam Dynamite have been set

Five Extremely Unfair Title Matches for AEW Grand Slam Dynamite have been set

Tony Khan has really done it this time. The CHADSTER''S LIFE! will be broadcast live and is being streamed, but the two shows together are billed as a PPV on free TV, which The Chadster believes is just so unfair! This is because during the football season, Tony Khan in collusion with the NFL to SABOTAGE the ratings for, and it''s just so unfair. Oh man!

Tony Khan has booked five title matches for himself, one week after being chosen to demonstrate how much Tony Khan has beaten WWE and want to ensure That The Chadster remains permanently impotent. And that''s not even counting the card for Rampage, which features both a title match and a celebrity match! Finally, Tony Khan is promising surprises for the show tonight, which is simply totally unnecessary and proves that Tony Khan doesn''t understand the first thing about the wrestling business.

Jon Moxley will face Bryan Danielson in the AEW World Championship, which was unfairly stolen from CM Punk just because Tony Khan felt as impotent and Tony Khan made The Chadster. In a tragic four-way against Britt Baker, Serena Deeb, and Athena, Toni Storm will face Swerve in our Glory, which the spectator will love, but The Chadster will suffer from it. Pac will defend the All-Atlantic Championship against Britt Baker

On a special two-hour unruly episode of, Jade Cargill will defend the TBS Championship against Diamante, Sting, and Darby Allin will face Bryan Menard, while Rey Fenix will face Jungle Boy, and unnamed competitors will fight for a shot at the AEW World Championship. This is because it''s WWE that invented having celebrities in wrestling, and AEW is just stealing that idea. On Friday, the airs at 10PM Eastern, but only

As usual, here''s a set of unanswered photographs sent to The Chadster by AEW to haze him.

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