Jensen Ackles and Big Sky Pun War Gets a Perfect Comment for The Boys

Jensen Ackles and Big Sky Pun War Gets a Perfect Comment for The Boys

Both the second season of Amazon and the second season of EP Eric Kripke''s, but all the best things must come to an end like a great three months at summer camp. But today, Jensen Ackles (aka Soldier Boy) has two other roles in play: first, he''ll executive producing and appearing as the narrator for The CW''s "Supernatural" prequel series; second, he''ll confront an individual who was involved in a pun war so quickly that no one

Ackles shared a new teaser on Beau and included a caption asking the question, ''Who thought it was appropriate to give this guy a badge,'' according to a social media group.

Jensen Ackles (@jensenackles) has shared a post.

Yup, "Soldier Beau."

In his interview with Butcher (Urban), Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) in July, Kripke discussed a slew of topics.

Should Ryan be expected to become "Brightburn"? "Ryan is a really important part of the story because he''s half Becca, half Homelander. If Butcher can get his hit together and return his son, that''s the one best weapon they can have against Homelander. And vice versa. If Homelander wins the kid over, that''s apocalyptic because then there''s two Homelanders. It''s like ''Kramer vs. Kramer:

How Will Butcher React to Knowing He''s on a "Crazy Ticking Clock"? "He''s got so much to do that he hasn''t done; therefore, everything he has tried to do up until now has gone in a horribly grand way. "These are some of the interesting conversations we''re starting to have about Season 4."

Maeve''s Leaving Will Make Things Tougher Until She Returns? "I don''t think ''The Boys'' will end without Maeve returning again. We wanted to, well, take away her powers and give her a happy ending with Elena. We wanted to do that because Annie can''t really grow into her own until all of the characters around her are gone. So it''s only up to Annie. So what is she going to do?

Black Noir Is Dead! Long Live Black Noir! "Without spoiling anything, I will just say this: When you have a silent character in a mask, it''s quite easy to recast. If you notice in the flashbacks of this season, it was a different actor [Fritzy-Klevans Destine], and perhaps the reason we did that is so that if we had to recast Noir, we could recast him with Nathan [Mitchell, the original Black

Just Because Soldier Boy''s on Ice Doesn''t Mean He Can''t Return Right? "Everyone knows, never kill anyone unless you really, really have to. Never open a door, open a window. We''ll all have to wait and see, but I''m not certain whether or not Soldier Boy will come to an end. "It''s impossible to imagine the series ending without Soldier Boy making another appearance."

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