The first big story trailer for Dying Light 2 has been postponed until September

The first big story trailer for Dying Light 2 has been postponed until September

The first significant post-launch DVD is taking a while to complete.

The team behind is taking a bit extra time for its first major DLC. Developer Techland announced today that the first major story DLC forhas been extended from early summer into September.

Techland said it has spent more time preparing to add some much-requested features in the last few months as well as a new chapter. The story DLC, however, requires a little extra time.

The studio does not know that in June, the first Chapter titled In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner will begin, along with a photo mode. Follow the update schedule forbelow, follow the twitter:

Dear Pilgrims, your feedback is always of paramount importance for us, and we want to be honest and transparent with you. The first story content will still be released in September.

Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) May 12, 2022

The second Chapter inis also aiming for the September-November block. Beyond that, it appears like a second story DLC will be slotted somewhere in the future. Both are paid DLC.

The road ahead

Techland has been pretty public about its commitment to assist for five years. And the new zombie survival adventure was only launched a short time ago, in February 2022.

It''s a long journey from here to five years from now, as anyone will be told. Despite this, it sounds like the aim is to continue as far as Techland supported its predecessor. This original parkour survival experience got some massive post-launch support, so that would be ideal for beginners.

If you were allowing a delay for this particular update, it''s a bit of a guess. That said, while it''s still a rough day in game development. Even today weve had some significant changes in our projected timelines. A little extra effort will hopefully permiss the right first impression.

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