After Toni Storm revives her title, Saraya pleads for a Grand Slam victory

After Toni Storm revives her title, Saraya pleads for a Grand Slam victory

Saraya, previously known as Paige, appears to be All Elite. After Toni Storm successfully defended the AEW Women''s World Championship in a fatal four-way match, Baker and Jamie Hayter felt the pressure prior to the match. When Baker was bloodied during the match, Saraya stomped with strange music.

Saraya, who played Paige in WWE, announced her retirement in 2018, but has recently suggested a possible in-ring return. In June, she revealed that she would leave WWE and begin going by her birth name.

Paige now!

The 7th of July will be the last day of WWE. I''m so grateful and I appreciate the opportunities that the company has given me.

I will always be recognising the company that took in an 18-year-old British pale emo girl who didn''t even fit into your typical diva, giving me the chance of a lifetime and making me feel like a superstar.

After my neck illness left me out of the range, I knew it was pretty difficult to keep me around as long as you did, and for that, I''m grateful.

Thank you to the WWE Universe. You guys are the most passionate fan I''ve ever seen. I''m happy to announce that you continue to follow me on this journey.

I think the most difficult part, particularly since it is being forced to let the Paige name go! But Saraya is the name of helluva. Kudos to my mother for that one.

FYI I''m not saying I''ll never be in the ring. That day will most certainly come again! Wherever the return might be.

WWE, please apologise.


Watch Saraya''s return below the cots

.@Saraya is HERE at the #AEWDynamite Grand Slam and we are LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 22, 2022

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