Catwoman's Artwork by Jamie McKelvie: One Bad Day

Catwoman's Artwork by Jamie McKelvie: One Bad Day

Jamie McKelvie has commented on upcoming DC Comics graphic novella. "It''s going to be a great book," she said. "If you thought me drawing Catwoman, you''d be right. Will I be able to do her justice? Of course not. But I''ll try."

Let''s take a look at Jamie McKelvie''s work in the comic book for the first time.

Jamie McKelvie explains that "Took a bit of time to deal with the issue correctly, but was helpful in then understanding how to make a more simple interior version."

BATMAN ONE BAD DAY CVR A JAMIE MCKELVIE (W) G. Willow Wilson, a.k.a. Catwoman, is the greatest thief that Gotham City has ever seen. She has effortlessly stolen countless items of immense value over the years and successfully avoided the GCPD and Batman. It takes Catwoman into a spiral, and she''ll do everything she can to save it back. Retail: $7.99 Initial Due Date: 11/2022 In-Store Date

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