Season 17 of Destiny 2 starts today, and it's all fantastic

Season 17 of Destiny 2 starts today, and it's all fantastic

The seventeenth season of Destiny 2 starts today and will be Season Of The Haunted, according to Bungie. This time around your Hunter, Warlock, or Titan will become an eater of fear. This time, you''ll be surprised by how quickly the nightmares fade. Watch the video below and try not to look over your shoulder.

The trailer for Season Of The Haunted had been leaked on YouTube via PlayStation Japan, but Bungie decided to proceed and announce the next season sooner than planned on Twitter anyway. Calus, the former Cabal Emperor, is on the way, and his massive spaceship the Leviathan has left him alone and landed on the Moon. This season, for me, the metal as well as Season Of The Haunted ornament sets, which allow your Guardian to look like something off a Judas Priest album cover.

In Season Of The Haunted, the Solar subclass is being overhauled for free to all players. Bungie say Solar 3.0 is a "complete redesign" that combines Destiny 2''s unique Aspects and Fragments system. Shiro-4''s Exotic sidearm, the Trespasser, was the first used in the Rise Of Iron expansion, and looks like an absolute beast. This season, however, there''s also a ghostly green-glowing armour.

Sony announced that it would pay $3.6 billion for Destiny 2 vendors Bungie at the start of this year, although their games will remain multiplatform and Bungie retains the ability to self-publish. Not long before, Alice O. popped Destiny 2: The Witch Queen onto the RPS most anticipated games of 2022. A new melee weapon, a reworking of Void classes, and a slew of balance changes... yes, she said.

The Haunted Season of Destiny 2 will be released on Steam at 8am PDT/4pm BST/5pm CEST. There will be additional information on the Bungies website here. The base game is also available on Steam.

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