This October, Lord Of Rigel will be released in early order

This October, Lord Of Rigel will be released in early order

Iceberg Interactive and Rhombus Studios have revealed today that the steam-based 4x space grand strategy game will be released in early October. This week during EGX 2022, you''ll be able to explore a galaxy filled with different planets and alien races to encounter, all while deciding how to fit into the whole scheme of things. Plus you can build your own ship and zoom around to different locations to discover new secrets waiting to be discovered.

Guide your race through a difficult galaxy. Form coalitions to survive the coming war, or uncover the secrets of ascension that the elder races fear. Your race will have many obstacles to overcome if they are to survive. Look out for competing individuals, including those who consider themselves as the rightful guardians of the galaxy. Do not overburden large threats and gain pride by defending the galaxy.

By negotiating trade agreements and alliances, each species has unique leaders with diverse cultural traditions that guide their choices. Guide or exploit weaker civilizations to become assets or weapons. Run a shadow empire and benefit from your spy network through sabotaging fleets, bombing infrastructure, stealing technology, and creating the "right" political climate.

Through beams, fighters, missiles, and other techniques, you may upgrade your vessels in a variety of ways. Play as one of the ten available races, each with unique characteristics and behaviors. Use diplomacy, espionage, real time ship combat, and research to define a path for your civilization. Join one of the elder species as they battle for control.

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