Idris Elba discusses the Luther film as it gets underway

Idris Elba discusses the Luther film as it gets underway

Idris Elba has revealed that the film is finally finished and discussed what we can expect from the next release of the Serious Crime Unit detective.

While he was promoting his latest film, fans woke up when filming on the film started last November. Idris was introducing LADbible (opens in a new tab).

"We have finished the film, guess what," he said, and there will be some finishing work on the movie, but it''s almost there. "We''re really happy of it."

Details about the plot are being discussed in the future, although it appears to be smaller than the one that has happened before.

"Women of as a television show and a film are similar, but the film has a vast scope. We''re opening the doors and expanding it so everything''s possible when you can do that," said Idris.

The Netflix film will continue to trace from the fifth and final seasons of the show, which aired back in 2019. When we last left John Luther, he was detained following the apparent death of his competitor, Alice Morgan.

As we mentioned previously, we do not know much about the plot except for the fact that the film will continue to appear in the series. However, we know that two other big actors will play the movie, because our favorite murder detective will be in conflict with star Andy Serkis and "Censor Erivo."

Both actors have been identified in unidentified roles, but we know they will pose a "double threat" to our hero, according to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in a new tab). Andy Serkis is also on hand as the main villain.

At the time of production, the film does not have a confirmed release date, although the fact that it is "complete" suggests that we should see it sooner rather than later, possibly in 2023.

If you need to get caught up with his previous complaints, here''s how the five seasons of the hit crime drama can be streamed on BBC iPlayer (opens in new tab) and on Hulu (opens in new tab)in the United States.

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