Recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Here's what happened during Kathy's meltdown

Recap of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Here's what happened during Kathy's meltdown

The last weeks of an episode of () season 12 was revealed.

On the last night in Aspen, Colorado, the ladies decided to go to a different bar before deciding whether or not to have a dinner. We were left on the edge of our seats when Lisa Rinna heard awfully unkind and hate-filled words about her sister, Kyle Richards. I was still feeling chastised. I''m not saying anything much, because I''m still sorry for it. I''m not going to say anything that I''ve ever experienced otherwise, nor does it, except Kathy

Im so confused. How is what Kathy allegedly did any worse than what weve actually seen some of them do and say on camera? This Kathy takedown isnt going the way they believed it would. #RHOBHSeptember 22, 2022

Erika Jayne began a conversation with Sutton Stracke on a private plane ride home. She apologized and acknowledged how she screams when she gets angry, but it came from a place of feeling like she is not being heard. Both Erika and Sutton agreed to try and connect on a human level. Perhaps Aspen did these two women some good?

The chatter explained why she wasn''t on the plane with the rest of the group. All of them had seen her behavior at the club the night before. Although cameras weren''t rolling, Kathy was hesitant to do the conga line, although they didn''t want to.

Kathy was in her face telling her that she wanted to go home with her, but when she returned she saw Kathy completely raging, screaming at the girls and mostly at Kyle. She tried to try and get Kyle back to her, but Kyle refused to understand what had happened to her, so she continued to pursue them. Lisa offered to take Kathy home, and thats when they got into the sprinter van.

Kathy started saying bizarre things like how she would take down NBC, Bravo, and the show and caused them to devastate everyone. When the two returned to Kyle''s house, Lisa said the situation got even worse. She apparently removed her glasses, threw them on the ground and jumped up and down breaking them. After a while, Kathy was pounding on the walls and screaming about how she made Kyle feel responsible for her, and how she will dismantle Kyle and her family if it''s the last thing

Erika was receiving play-by-play messages from Lisa, and Kyle was getting a dose of what was happening. Kyle is way more famous and far more successful than Kathy Hiltons ever been. In a confessional, Kathy said, "It was very difficult for me to have it all and then to have her sister have more."

Why is rinna comparing Kyle to Kathy, what does she gain from pitting these sisters against each other?.. first Kim is now kathy. It''s giving jealous & obsessed #RHOBHSeptember 22, 2022

Crystal Kung Minkoff celebrated her 29th birthday with a roaring 1920s-themed party. Kyle didn''t attend, because she was filming in Georgia, but Kathy kept her distance from Kathy, noting that she had PTSD. Lisa''s attendance shook Lisa so much that she decided to leave after the cake portion of the evening.

I have to go home. I''m still really sorry for what happened in Aspen, and I cant sit here again, according to Lisa. Crystal asked if what happened was really that bad, to whom Lisa nodded. In her confessional, Lisa revealed that Kathy said things about the other women that, if they knew, they would not be real happy about it.

Rinna is going to milk this Kathy thing for all its worth, but it''s so gross #RHOBHSeptember 22, 2022

Crystal returned to the rest of the ladies and informed them that Lisa left, noting that she was still shaken up from what happened in Aspen. I know Lisas has gone through a lot losing her mother, and if she has to leave early, thats her business. I dont feel that she left because of what I shared with her in Aspen, Kathy said in a confessional. She was a sweetheart, she listened and I by no means knew she was upset. I apologize. I am no longer intend

Erika and Diana went out in a separate room to call Lisa. Erika explained how she all saw how Kathy was yelling in the Kyles face at the club. Erika agreed that her behavior was unrecognizable, and Kathy was raging. I don''t even know who that person was, however Diana was aware that she was still a chicken.

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