On The Masked Singer US, who is Hedgehog?

On The Masked Singer US, who is Hedgehog?

The US is back with a fresh season of the reality competition show, so people are curious what well-known stars are behind the masks of these intricate costumes. Season 8 premiered on September 21, but unfortunately for contestant Hedgehog, they were one and done on the show. Who is Hedgehog on the US

Hedgehog was voted out and unmasked along with Knight in the first round with Knight, while Harp defeated Hummingbird to move on (Hummingbird was not unmasked in the first episode).

Here''s what we know about Hedgehog.

Who is Hedgehog in The Masked Singer US?

Eric Idle, a comedian and activist, was the only person who provided the mask of Hedgehog.

Idle is best known for his time as a member of the Monty Python comedy group, appearing in their movies and. In addition to acting, he plays a musical background. He wrote "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" that he sang during, singing it in the movie, as well as the parody rock band The Rutles and directed the Broadway musical.

On the other hand, Idle stated on the show that he is a survivor of pancreatic cancer and was quoted saying that he thought it would be an opportunity to return on stage and see if he could still perform.

Here''s Idle''s first story about her leaving:

In The Masked Singer US, who is Hedgehog?Song selection

Hedgehog had only one song to perform, but it was a classic, singing "Love Me Do," according to Idle personally asked Paul McCartney if he can perform the song, with the former Beatle saying, "Yes, absolutely. Please. Theres only one thing I ask if you could tell me when the show is on, so I can be certain to miss it."

Unfortunately, the performance of Idle did not have been shared online at the time of publication.

In The Masked Singer US, who is Hedgehog?Show clues

The clue video provided a hint as the Hedgehog was introduced in front of a background with the Union Jack flag and several London landmarks. Hedgehog admitted that this wasn''t his first big show and that the show is actually among the more "normal" things that he''s done. He revealed that he was part of a group that sold out the Hollywood Bowl, the Sidney Opera House, and even participated in the Olympics, with massive success stories, including an audience with the Queen.

A snake, a man playing a guitar, a parrot, and a knight were among the visual clues.

Watch the clue package for yourself:

In The Masked Singer US, who is hedgehog?

Fans of The Masked Singer had a variety of guesses about who Hedgehog might be, including, singer Tom Jones, former Beatle Ringo Starr, Martin Short, and... Elon Musk?

I believe the #Hedgehog is Tom Jones @MaskedSingerFOX @JennyMcCarthy pic.twitter.com/1TlyU9rfa3September 22, 2022

I thought the Harp would be Fantasia, but now I am starting to think that she might be Amber Riley from Glee. I believe that Ringo Starr is the Hedgehog on the Masked Singer. #TheMaskedSingerSeptember 22, 2022

I just saw a glimpse of The Masked Singer, and am pretty certain Elon Musk is the Hedgehog.September 22, 2022

I just saw a glimpse of The Masked Singer and am pretty certain that Elon Musk is the Hedgehog. September 22, 2022

Others seemed to be able to sync the clues and guess that Hedgehog belongs to Monty Python, with some correctly tabbing him as Eric Idle.

Is the Hedgehog a member of Monty Python? @MaskedSingerFOXSeptember 22, 2022

@MsAmberPRiley, the harp is certainly @MsAmberPRiley. The hedgehog is 100% @EricIdle. Hummingbird has me embroiled in the #MaskedSingerFOXSeptember 22, 2022.

Ken Jeong guessed Ringo Starr or Elton John, while Nicole Scherzinger believed it might be Bill Nighy. Jenny McCarthy was closer, guessing John Cleese, while Robin Thicke hit the nail on the head, correctly identifying Hedgehog as Eric Idle.

On Fox, watch US Wednesdays at 8 pm ET/PT. The most recent episodes are available on Hulu the next day.

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