Netflix viewers are unintentionally connected by the Jeffrey Dahmer drama 'Grim.'

Netflix viewers are unintentionally connected by the Jeffrey Dahmer drama 'Grim.'

A fresh Netflix crime drama about the notorious American serial killer, which everybody calls it "grim" from the start.

Ryan Murphy is the lead operator of the 10-part series, which sees Evan Peters taking on the role of Dahmer as he kills, cannibalizes, and demolishes his victims in his house.

The first episode seems to wreak havoc on us, as we see the serial killer cleaning a bloodied knife, with bleach in the background, and so far, claiming that the smell is "worse than ever."

Dahmer is able to brush off his wounds, claiming it was "bad meat," and then when challenged, claims his tropical fish got a disease and manages to keep his lies in a calm and utterly hostile manner, while the audience at home knows fine.

The first couple of minutes of drama are exhausting, with some experts discussing it to David Fincher''s popular crime series, and others discussing how engaging it is.

Fans have had their share on Twitter, and even though it''s a very difficult task, it''s got people engaged already.

The opening episode of #Dahmer gives a lot of "Mindhunter" vibes & it suddenly makes sense when you learn the director of a lot of its 2nd season is responsible for shooting the pilot. Unsurprisingly grim, disturbing, yet not exploitative, / gratuitous. Strikes a balanceSeptember 22, 2022

Dahmer''s first episode was promising. Dahmer was creepy and creepy.. came across as believableSeptember 21, 2022

Two episodes of #DahmerNetflix are full, all of which is extremely distressing but compelling. #DahmerMonster 21, 2022

I wager Evan Peters had to re-take some of these scenes. #DahmerNetflixSeptember 21, 2022

Omg i knew before i saw this that dahmer was sick but jfc this is terrible #DahmerNetflixSeptember 22, 2022

Jeffrey Dahmer''s killing spree between 1978 and 1991, which saw him murder and dismembering 17 men and boys, included necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts, according to the footage.

Evan Peters talked about how he brought his version to life in an interview with Variety and how he wanted to make it "authentic" with a variety of documentaries and materials.

"You can have all of the backstory you desire," he said, but at the end of the day, we''re not making a documentary.

"It''s more about maintaining the idea and the outline of why you''re telling the story and always having that as your guide light. "It''s so important to make Dahmer so authentic," says the author.

Netflix is offering a limited edition of streaming services.

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