Onleaks have begun mapping out GTA 6's world

Onleaks have begun mapping out GTA 6's world

The Grand Theft Auto community has started mapping out the game history of the next GTA game, utilizing leaks as their source.

Official channels provide information about the next game, but the huge leak on Monday gave us our greatest (albeit unfinished) look at the title.

There appears to be enough to go on the map with a variety of reports about the game''s location, character, and gameplay elements.

To avoid potential leaks in the work, as reported by Kotaku, it is crucial to avoid any interruptions. Take-Two Interactive are notorious for removing anything that has a slight whiff of copyright infringement, as modders know all too well.

Mappers are using Google Earth images instead to help their cartography. Others have gone so far as repurposing leaked screenshots on Microsoft Paint.

All of this has happened in the GTA Forums, where Monday''s leak was first reported. However, mappers became dissatisfied with the weariness of the forum''s administrators, so they moved to Discord, where they shared freely leaked information.

A surprising amount of progress has already been made, partly due to the leaked footage containing in-game coordinates, which have aided mappers in locating locations in parallel.

Thanks to everyone on the project, the GTA VI map has been sent to @Kotaku (I just added borders, extra roads, and photographs) #GTA6 #GTAVI #RockstarGames #GTAViceCity

Individuals assist out in their own way, with some combing through leaked footage removing the in-game mini-map to help shape pieces of the larger map, while others are using their real-world knowledge of Miami and Florida to provide more information and context.

This project demonstrates the energizing spirit of the GTA community for Rockstar''s titles, who will be patiently waiting for some time yet before they can receive any official details on the world''s most anticipated game.

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