A historic 2003 Pokemon booster box, featuring the last Kadabra appearance before the 20-year Uri Geller prohibition, has been placed atauction

A historic 2003 Pokemon booster box, featuring the last Kadabra appearance before the 20-year Uri Ge

At auction, a rare Pokemon booster box is on display, marking various milestone events in trading card games.

The Skyridge booster box dates from 2003, combining cards from the Japanese expansions Split Earth and Mysterious Mountains into a single English expansion. It was the last Pokemon TCG set produced by Magic: The Gathering maker Wizards of the Coast - the original manufacturer for the card games English-language release - before The Pokemon Company assumed control.

Skyridge was the third and final release of the e-Card series of Pokemon sets that was previously used for the Game Boy Advance handheld and Nintendo GameCube console. The cards could be used to gain bonus items or battle additional trainers in games such as Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald, as well as altering the stage in Pokemon Colosseum.

Skyridge included six additional Crystal-type Pokemon - Crobat, Celebi, Golem, Ho-Oh, Kabutops, and Charizard - that might temporarily modify their card type to match an energy card attached to them that turn.

The Skyridge booster box has a holographic finish to its distinctive early noughties CG artwork, making it one of only a few Pokemon sets that have the holographic finish on the box as well as cards, according to PWCC. According to Skyridges, this box is one of the most coveted of Pokemon cards ever released.

Supporter Pokemon cards were also first introduced in the e-Card sets, and the sub-category of Trainer cards played for instant-effect abilities, which has been a keystay of the TCG since.

Skyridges'' greatest prowessance today may be that it marked the last appearance of first-gen favourite Kadabra on a Pokemon card.

Following a 60 million lawsuit filed by illusionist Uri Geller in November 2000 alleging that the Pokemon - formerly Yugerer in Japanese - had used his name and spoon-bending technique, the Kadabra card for Skyridge would be the last time the psychic Pokemon would appear in the TCG.

Despite Kadabra''s continuing to appear in Pokemon video games, there have been no cards starring the Stage 1 Pokemon emailed since.

Geller lifted his legal blockade on the Pokemon in late 2020, following an apologies tweet and saying that I am completely sorry for what I did 20 years ago. It is now up to #Nintendo to remove my #kadabra #pokemon card. It will probably be one of the rarest cards right now!

Despite Gellers'' desire to see Kadabra''s return, the Pokemon is still not to reappear in any of the most recent Pokemon Trading Card Game releases, which means Skyridge remains its most recent printing. According to TCGplayer, a Skyridge Kababra is only worth $12 in 2022, putting it several hundred thousand dollars below the rarest Pokemon cards in terms of value. Its foil version is fares a little better with a normal market value of $100.

The Pokemon Skyridge booster box for sale at PWCC is currently priced at $30,000, with the auction expected to close later today, September 22nd.

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