Rainbow 6 Siege Updates its Anti-Cheat Version

Rainbow 6 Siege Updates its Anti-Cheat Version

Rainbow Six Siege released a package relating to its anti-cheat, which included a slew of improvements in instant kill cheats, teleport hacks, self-revive cheat, and no clipping. Yes, all of these are available in R6Siege, and I''d expect it to be caught you by surprise.

The company also explains how players leaving matches can now be reported. Due to the incapacitate to inform some players during live play, the company made the choice to show unconstitutional activities throughout a replay mode.


Weve continued to combat cheats that are affecting players throughout Vector Glare. Here are a few things we have discovered in our last Anti-Cheat Status update:

  • Various Instant kill cheats
  • Various Infinite ammo cheats
  • Teleport hack
  • Self revive cheat
  • No clipping cheat
  • Frenzy cheat
  • Various other cheats

The Anti-Cheat group continues to monitor and address other current cheats, although we will be sharing more on these fixes in a future update.

With the new season, we increase the chance of reporting! Players who have been disconnected from a match session may now be reported.

  • Available only in Ranked and Unranked playlists.
  • Disconnected player information will now be persistent through the scoreboard.
  • All categories of reports are available.

Because of disconnections, similar names, or perhaps you notice something after the fact while considering your matches, we understand that it is not always possible to report a player during a live match.

Being able to report players during a match replay is an additional step that we have undertaken to make it easier for the community to offer feedback when it comes to suspicious players.

With these techniques, we hope to continue to provide a stream-lined environment for players to identify suspicious/toxic individuals.

Make sure to follow these next steps to get the best results!

In-game Report Cheaters

The best way to get your reports to us is to keep your reports ingame. Follow these steps to identify and punish cheaters if youre reporting a cheater on social media.

  • Clear video or photo proof of the incident
  • The offending players Username and User ID
  • Match ID for any relevant matches
  • Date and time of the incident

Is it possible that you have seen a cheater? Match Replay can be used to make sure you have checked it.

The current situation

The RFF grace period for players who trigger all warnings to correct their behaviour has ended since August.

Penalty Levels

Players with a high count of friendly fire offenses will firstly receive a warning. If a player continues to commit friendly fire offenses following a warning, the RFF Reputation Penalty will be triggered. Players will have the RFF automatically enabled for the next 30 matches.

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