This November, a One-Hit-Kill Sword Fighting Game will be released

This November, a One-Hit-Kill Sword Fighting Game will be released

Sharpen your blade and start blasting enemies with impulsive one-hit-kill combat methods. Kwalee is pleased to announce that he will launch on 3rd November 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and Series S/X. The Nintendo Switch will be released later in 2023.

Grindstone and Triple Hill Interactive have developed a variety of classic Japanese weapons to test their move set, then parry their opponents with lightning speed, and master the art of the one-hit kill!

Kwalee has released a brand new gameplay trailer highlighting some of the most amazing playable characters, deadly bladed weapons, and stunning locations alongside brutal 1v1 combat.

In an online multiplayer game, you can sag your path through this samurai-punk world with only your trusty weapon. In your local or online multiplayer, you can savor unfamiliar warriors.

There are no health bars, so you can''t afford to let your guard down. The one-hit kill system gives no room for error. If you wish to survive, youll need to master the parrying mechanic, memorise the combos for your chosen weapon, and sharpen your reflexes. In just a few seconds, you''ll need to get rid of multiple quick bouts against your opponents.


  • One-hit-kill All it takes is one slice in tense, one-hit-kill based combat
  • Choose your playstyle A diverse array of weapons with different movesets
  • Multiplayer showdowns Take the battle online with ranked online modes
  • Customisation Tailor your characters style to the way you see fit
  • Brutal encounters Dismember your opponents with brutal precision

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