Part 4 of The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Charmander Line

Part 4 of The Cards of Pokemon TCG: Charmander Line

This special set of cards is usually divided into three categories, which are usually based on the current era''s name or number of cards. A special set of cards is often tailored to a specific subject, but it does not include booster boxes or individual packs. Today, we follow the Charmander line in a series called "Large."

Artistsaino misaki introduces a cute Charmander card that depicts the Fire-type Starter kicking up a swirl of flames by swinging its tail. This style evokes the anime, with a slightly more adorable depiction of Charmander.

Charmeleon shouts out courtesy of illustratorShiburingaru, who shows the Pokemon lift its arms and roar in front of what appears to be an active volcano.

The Charizard card is depicted in an art houseN-DESIGN Inc. style that evokes the game''s GO Snapshot mode, putting Charizard in a high-flying shot in the city. This is one of the set''s holo-rares.

Stay tuned for the continued journey through. Next time, the spotlight will shine with additional cards from the main section of this themed expansion.

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