Tristan gets a great and small romance on cards thanks to all Creatures

Tristan gets a great and small romance on cards thanks to all Creatures

Tristan Farnon, the unlucky-in-love vet, might finally get off the hook for a romantic time.

Tristan has grown to be a Jack the Lad type, and in the past, he''s loved flirting with Maggie.

Now that he has completed those dangerous vet exams, it appears he''d like a perfect marriage.

According to pictures, Tristan might have a conversation with a new character called Florence (Sophie Khan Levy).

Callum Woodhouse, who plays Tristan, talked to and shared his thoughts about how things might go romantically for his character.

"Hes always thought ''Ill be set'' upon completion. Then he passes and there is still a sort of empty feeling. So we begin with him trying to figure out what he must do to fill the hole with.

"And hes seen how James and Helen are friends and seen their beautiful friendship. I think hes jealous. I mean jealous in a kind of affectionate way he is happy for his best partner, however he wants a little of that love and affection."

In a previous chat with us, Callum, who made his name in, spoke about why viewers had fallen in love with the show.

When you arrived in Grassington, a Yorkshire town where the show is filmed, it''s like performing live theatre. Because you''ve got an audience, the reception was incredible. Because it was very important to individuals. However, our version has found its way into people''s hearts.

James and Siegfried clashe in the second episode of season 3.

James is now a junior partner, but Siegfried is struggling to have more of a voice. It''s up to Mrs Hall to save the day and stop the pair from falling out.

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