Fans of the famous Crossfire are worried about where they are

Fans of the famous Crossfire are worried about where they are

*This article explains some spoilers for *.

The hotel drama was destroyed in the second episode, but a lot of viewers were dissatisfied with the police getting on the scene!

The drama continued on Wednesday, September 21, after the shocking scenes in ''''s first episode had a lot of fans on their screens. Jo came out of her first encounter with one of the gunmen uncathed, but Amara was once again left to hide out on her own elsewhere in the resort.

As the two cops continued to prowl around the corridors, Jo (Keeley Hawes) and Mateo were left trying to find some of the other survivors and help them get out. Mateo was severely wounded as he tried to rescue some people, and Jason fell from a balcony as he attempted to escape one of the attackers.

Amid the turmoil, some viewers realised why it took a long time for help to arrive. While Mateo mentioned that it would take a while for them to get on the scene, leaving him and Jo as the only two individuals to help as many of the guests who were still stuck in the hotel.

"It''s good, but where are the police?" one confused viewer wrote.

Crossfire is beneficial, but where are the cops going? September 21, 2022

Another wrote: "Hardly a retaliation from the cops."

Police response is difficult. #CrossfireSeptember 21, 2022

A third commented: "Why is it so long for the police to arrive at #crossfire Canary Islands not that large," and later said, "I know it''s only a program!"

I know its only a program! September 21, 2022

They said, according to #Crossfire, police would be coming in 30 minutes. Have they been lost on September 21, 2022

#Crossfire is good, but why hasn''t anyone thought to phone the police? September 21, 2022

Is there no police presence at this resort? #crossfireSeptember 21, 2022

Thankfully, viewers'' requests were finally answered as episode two saw armed police arrive upon the scene just as Jo found herself in another confrontation with the same shooter as she finally managed to track down Amara. Hopefully, the ordeal at the hotel is approaching over... how will the final episode conclude?

On BBC One, the series concludes tonight at 9 pm. All three episodes are available for download right now on BBC iPlayer if you can''t wait to see how everything begins.

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