The Viper 8K, a competition-grade Viper, is down to 40 atBox

The Viper 8K, a competition-grade Viper, is down to 40 atBox

The battle to make the best gaming mouse has always been hampered from the standpoint of speed, or the ability to create the most effective gaming mouse possible. The Razer Viper 8K is a popular gaming mouse with flexible cables and optical switches, which is now available for a half price, and it''s absolutely fantastic at that price.

The Viper 8K, which features dual wheels to control both sides to maximize comfort, has always been a great fit for people traveling for extended periods of time. However, given this weight, Razer''s optical mouse switches have made it a lot easier to operate.

The Viper 8K is a virtual reality video game, with a 20,000 DPI sensor to get acquainted with for particularly quick movement, as well as a 8000Hz polling rate to aid in making this a fairly straightforward choice, too. We''d prefer the Viper 8K for owners of high refresh rate monitors, often with 144Hz, 240Hz or even 360Hz.

Even if you''re not keen on competitive gaming, the Viper 8K is a great mouse. It''s a fantastic result, with a bright RGB lighting that beautifully constitutes with the black chassis. Also, Razer''s Synapse 3 software is available, allowing you to decipher keys and create different lighting effects. It also allows you to uninstall Synapse after the mouse, if you want to keep your PC clean of such apps.

The Viper 8K is a superb mouse in terms of its performance, and for only $39.99, you''re getting a whole lot for your money. This is a no-brainer for anyone looking for competitive FPS, and it''s certainly worth considering.

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