New Corrino Faction Update from Dune: Spice Wars

New Corrino Faction Update from Dune: Spice Wars

Funcom has announced a new feature for today as players will receive the Imperial House Corrino Faction. This is because the game will include a new fifth faction in the Spice War. This update, which originally began today, will be the second of four previously announced improvements, which will result in better performance in the game. Here, you can read more about this report here.

Shaddam IV, the Padishah Emperor, sends his mobile royal palaces to Dune, demonstrating his dominance over the planet. While the position brings him a steady spice tax or bribe, the hemust balance itwith the responsibility to pay the Spacing Guild''s fees to maintain affordable interstellar travel. As House Corrino, leverage the most powerful factions in a galaxy-wide territory, with their daughters giving House Corrinopolitically sharp and insightfulmind

Captain Aramsham is a Sardaukar officer who is adept in commanding the most elite fighting force in the Dune universe. Hasimir Fenring the assassin mentat is one of the deadliest fighters of the imperium and the closest friend of Shaddam IV. Test the other factions with cold precision, and try to remember what you have. Now, explore the new imperial faction and ensure that the spice flowes.

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