In the US, who is the Knight of The Masked Singer?

In the US, who is the Knight of The Masked Singer?

The Season 8 of The Football League has officially begun, and fans are again playing detective in an effort to reveal those who created the costumes. One of this years featured contestants was the Knight. Although this particular individual adorning the shiny armor was unmasked in the very first episode, he has already made show history.

In general, who is the Knight in charge of the universe? Here''s what we know.

Who is the Knight in The Masked Singer US?

The Knight was unveiled as one of the most well-known actors in the world. William Shatner is also a comedian.

While Shatner is unquestionably well-known for playing Captain Kirk, he has over 250 acting credits to his name. Furthermore, Shatner is a recording artist, although not in the traditional sense. Instead of singing, he is often more proficient in spoken word phrases.

Despite being kicked off early in the season, hes already made history as the oldest contestant at the age of 91. What makes this moment in TV history even more remarkable is knowing that Shatner is still doing so in Hollywood.

Take a look at Shatners'' departure video:

In The Masked Singer US, who is the knight?Song selections

Shatner opted to sing Fred Astaires "Puttin on the Ritz" during his only performance on the show. While his outing on stage may not have been the night''s breakaway performance, there is also a concept of a person of his character singing any song in a costume.

In the US, who is the Knight?Show up clues

A statue was brought out of playwright William Shakespeare in the Knights clue montage. The Knight later talked about the fact that hes worked with George Lucas before pointing up an image of the solar system. Then, he mentioned throwing not one, but two chairs on national television and then the camera was enlisted. Lastly, he held up a cassette tape with the label "covers" taped across it.

Take a look at the clue section below.

In the US, who is the knight?Theories

While judging by Twitter, it appears that fans were dissatisfied with the Knights'' identity. By and large, many individuals believed William Shatner was behind the costume. Though, there were a few individuals who believed someone other, such as actor Nathan Lane and former host Tom Bergeron.

I''m teetering at ignoring Masked Singer contestants, but I''ll be real surprised if the Knight isn''t Shatner.September 22, 2022

@MaskedSingerFOXSeptember 22, 2022, I''m claiming that Shatner will be the knight.

@WilliamShatner @MaskedSingerFOX 100% Positive. I recognize that voice.September 22, 2022

William Shatner, the Knight on @MaskedSingerFOX, has been revealed after listening to him so often on the @sternshow September 22, 2022.

Nathan Lane from the Masked Singer is the Knight, the 22nd of September 2022.

Tom Bergeron is probably the knight of Tom SingerFOXSeptember 22, 2022.

Ken Jeong guessed that the Knight was David Hasselhoff, but Robin Thicke guessed Weird Al Yankovic, and Jenny McCarthy just guessed William Shatner.

Fox has a Wednesday morning at 8 pm ET/PT. The latest episodes are available for viewing on Hulu.

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