An old Nintendoreport has resurfaced a cut Super Mario 64 stage

An old Nintendoreport has resurfaced a cut Super Mario 64 stage

Forest of Illusion, a Nintendo preservation website, has revealed a strange change from Super Mario 64.

The long-sought screenshot reel from a pre-release version of the game was discovered after the Nintendo Company Report.

The report, which has been carefully scanned and uploaded here, includes a daily company round-up, as well as some accompanying photographs of Nintendo''s star roster, as well as various consoles, including the Nintendo 64 and the one intended for a slugger Virtual Boy.

The most interesting part of the report is the page that shows a variety of screenshots of the B-roll Nintendo 64 footage from 1995. It''s here that we see still frames from a never-before-seen ghost stage.

This is why Forest of Illusion combined these stills into a GIF, which helps us get a better look at the gameplay.

For now, here''s the whole page... Several photos from the currently missing "extended" 1995 Nintendo 64 B-roll. Why is this a big deal? Below is a visual representation of Super Mario 64''s mysterious ghost stage.

The majority of the text in the report is largely in Japanese but not in a machine-readable format, which doesn''t make it much easier to stick in a machine translator.

Despite the fact that the game was apparently completely broken down and investigated, it''s quite a pleasure to see some new tidbits.

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