A New Day Brings New Images from Doctor Who: "The Power of The Doctor"

A New Day Brings New Images from Doctor Who: "The Power of The Doctor"

While we haven''t confirmed the date for the next Doctor Who special, yesterday we said the title would be "The Power of The Doctor." Along with the confirmation, there were some very cool key art, including a set of preview shots depicting Sacha Dhawan''s master, Sophie Aldred''s Ace, Janet Fielding''s Tegan, and a CyberMaster. What we have so far included is a regular breakdown of the images we have so far, including the one kicking things off, as the

The title of the special was originally confirmed in (which you can purchase here) and now here''s the key art that was officially released yesterday, making it all kinds of official:

Here''s a look back at the original teaser for the special, "The Power of The Doctor," (maybe a trailer this Sunday with a October debut?):

"There aren''t quite any words to describe how I''m feeling," says the star of Russell T Davies, who has always been so supportive of himself. As a result, I will strive for excellence and honesty throughout the work. Even more, as a result of this, I''ll be aware that everyone who plays him will be supportive.

At the time, Russell T Davies said, "The future is here, and it''s Ncuti!" At the time, he said, "Ncuti was so fazed and humble, and I just stand back in awe of how he landed himself on the screen. He said, "I''m sure you''re dying to see him." "I''m sure you''ll be grateful for that," said the upcoming/returning showrunner.

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