The Netflix app has added TheSpiritfarer

The Netflix app has added TheSpiritfarer

The fantastic Spiritfarer will soon be available on Netflix.

If you''re yet to try it, Spiritfarer is a fun and moving adventure game in which you sift off a crew of lost souls into the afterlife while slowly upgrading your boat.

In a single phrase, it''s a "cosy management game about dying" and one of my favourite games from 2020. If this news means more people get to play it, then it''s all the better!

"Selectfarer makes a difference by marrying Metroidvania, a management sim, and a good dose of kindness," Malindy said in Eurogamer''s Spiritfarer review.

While still well known for directing a series such as Stranger Things and The Crown, and for mercilessly canceling almost everything else, Netflix has steadily expanded its mobile game library in the past year.

Immortality is now available on mobile via Netflix, following on from other games such as Moonlighter and Exploding Kittens.

Still, it''s believed that less than one percent of Netflix subscribers play its games daily.

As for Netflix''s usual price, the streaming company has completed filming on Season 3 of The Witcher.

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