Danielle Panabaker Joins Fans to Work With Her in Season 9 of The Flash

Danielle Panabaker Joins Fans to Work With Her in Season 9 of The Flash

When it came to covering the ninth season of The CW''s Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker, you can understand why, with news coming down that Richard Harmon () will reprise as Owen Mercer, the show''s post-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" version of Captain Boomerang. This time around, we''re back to checking in on Gustin''s "last-first" suit post (more on that in a

Here''s a look at Panabaker''s Instagram video, which allows gamers to ride her rifle as we get to see how she begins one of her Season 9 filming days:

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Gustin took a look from his trailer wearing the Flash suit and then showing us why he wanted to capture it: "The first time you put it on for a season" Now, you''re likely experiencing a slight delay before your "feels" begin to develop, so take that time to see the screencap below.

Following a "incredible two-and-a-half-year journey" with the Flash, Gustin offered a lot of thanks and appreciation to all of those who helped guide him along the way. However, the video accompanying it has so much to say to the fans and the program''s team:

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What if the Season 8 finale had been concluded as a series-ender, with changes needed after the renewal notice was passed. So here''s a look at what''s in play for the then-assumed series finale:

"We had to modify the whole entire scene, especially when it was a series finale," says Barry, who was dealing with the fact that they were going to have kids soon. It was a bit more sexier, and it was a lot more romantic of a scene. I was really pleased with it."

"It would have been an additional scene with all of Team Flash passing their goodbyes on. "But when we discovered we had a game to play with, that meant: "Ooh, I can tease next year''s Big Bad?" "So let''s do it, right!" So that final scene [with the blue crystal] changed dramatically, and the ''Goodbye to Team Flash'' group party scene was completely deleted."

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